30 Years

A Tradition of Service

Sunlock Window Blinds was established in 1981, with the seminal corporate goal of providing superior customer service and product satisfaction to the Maltese window blind consumer. Because we met and exceeded our business goals and realized our corporate vision in the short term, we have expanded in our market sector and continue to provide cost-effective, aesthetically superior window blind solutions to our valued clients. One of the reasons we remain successful over the last 28 years is because we stay abreast of our field by following continuous research and development activities in Europe and abroad. When there is an innovation in materials, production or design considerations, we do our utmost to master it in an effort to make ever increasing window blind technology a vital option for our esteemed clients on the Maltese islands. We are only ever truly satisfied when we can offer the best services and best products to our clients at an acceptable price point.

Sunlock Window Blinds is operated by a small, yet dynamic eight man team consisting of experienced, highly-trained and highly-skilled employees and senior management. William Camenzuli, Sunlock’s Managing Director, is supported by our General Manager Roderick Camenzuli. In an effort to streamline our operational processes, both men help form the backbone of our marketing and production/installation activities. Since our inception, our aim has been to always deliver the best possible product in the least possible time, hence our non-hierarchical business model.

Since our inception date, we have continuously invested our retained profits in new and ever-increasingly sophisticated production machinery, in an effort to increase production efficiency while remaining an environmentally responsible member of the Maltese industrial community. One of our primary corporate values is to always replace outmoded production equipment with the latest innovations in the field. This value, implemented as best practice, ensures that we remain a leader in our sector of the Maltese economy.

Another Sunlock corporate value implemented as best practice is the process whereby we mainly import all raw materials from European Union nations, which must meet the quality standards outlined by the European Commission. This ensures our window blinds are manufactured by the highest quality materials. All our raw materials are tested at extreme temperatures in order to allow us to confidently guarantee that our blinds will withstand the high temperatures of our Mediterranean climate and will remain effective agents of natural light control for many years after purchase. Moreover, our PVC fabric blinds provide a fire retardant window blind option that can ensure any enforced safety code. Copies of certificates of testing are made available to the client upon request.

Our pricing model is best appreciated when our products, together with the full range of our sales and after sales services are compared with that of our local competitors. Throughout our corporate existence, we have always provided free window measurement services and subsequent quotes to our esteemed clients. Our experienced representatives will come to your premises and, given your specific situation, propose various artistic and functional window blind solutions, solutions that range from the high classicism of antiquity, to the modern and postmodern of contemporary society, to the environmentally aware window blind that blends nature with the home.

We approach our work as not only a commercial activity, but an aesthetic one as well. We have always valued the artistic dimension of our designed solutions and valued both the client’s financial constraints and her aesthetic appreciation. Moreover, our commitment to after sales support has helped us formulate a business model whereby we ensure that all our blinds are manufactured from repairable materials. We also stock all types of spare parts, even those dated at the year of establishment. These business processes ensure that we will be there to help our esteemed clients long after the initial date of purchase.

Our emphasis on customer service and client satisfaction over the long term is the foundational cornerstone of our continued success. We have consistently prided ourselves on our ability to provide aesthetically superior, high quality blinds at the best price point possible. This fact, together with our after sales support implemented as operational best practices, has consistently lead us to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. We have earned the trust of our clients over the course of our relationship with them. Our commitment to quality, support and the artistic dimension of our discipline have paid off in the long run and will continue to do so, both for Sunlock Window Blinds as a corporate entity and for our valued clients who place their trust in us to provide artistic and effective window blind solutions.

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