HoneyCell – Pleated

Imagine an indoor world full of light and peace.

A place of safety, well-being and comfort. That is good for you and the world around you. Offering privacy and a pleasant climate. That pleases the senses at every time of the day. A personal space full of energy and life. Built on clean, smooth design.

On simplicity, easiness and friendliness. On a modular world of window coverings.

Discover Absolute HoneyComb by Coulisse.


control of light, climate and privacy

A modular system suitable for cellular and pleated fabrics in various sizes System and components available Child safe by design control options: cordless, motorized

Two configurations, bottom-up and top-down / bottomup, with four control options each

Top-down / bottom-up features:

  • A special cavity for seamless connection between head rail and middle rail: no light gaps
  • Patented rail stopper prevents the bottom rail from passing the middle rail: no loose cords

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