Roman Blinds

In recent years, interior design has been greatly impacted by a veritable renaissance in the classical Roman ideals of geometric symmetry and form. These sharp and classical ideals have been successfully emulated and celebrated in our Roman blinds collection. When implemented in your home, our Romans create a truly dignified and luxurious feel in your living space, and, although suited in any room, our Romans are particularly well-suited to bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges because of the soft, yet geometric look they create at your window.

Our Roman blind collection is multifaceted in conception and approaches the classical ideal of geometric symmetry in various ways. For instance, our Romans are distinguished by heavy and light weight options: the heavy weight Romans are ideal for creating a structured elegance in your living space, while our light weight option, more suited to the budget conscious, provides a sleek, streamlined and penetrating classicism in your room at a fantastic price point.

Inspired by these classical trends, our Roman blinds collection offers a wide selection of fabric styles, which range from plains and textures to patterned fabrics. Moreover, our Romans are a non-sewing type of blind where the folds are created with acrylic, especially designed rods and accessories. The benefit of this is that due to the acrylic and design rods there is very little wrinkling as might be expected with the traditional sewing type of blind fabric.

Quality of Components:

Three different styles are available:

  • Flat
  • Flat with valance
  • Hobbled with valance

Two different types of operations are available:

  • Standard cord raise
  • Metal / Plastic looped chain

Colour coordination with our functional roller blind collection is also available.

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