Roller Blinds

In a postmodern, globally-integrated world, sometimes an emphasis on pure functionality is best. Some spaces are designed to serve a straight-forward, often commercialized purpose, like the contemporary conference room, where the emphasis is on facilitating communication and problem-solving. In a space designed to facilitate clear thinking and intellectual rigour, the rule, perhaps, is best described as the less distraction the better. Our roller blinds have been designed from the ground up to provide the basic function of filtering light, while remaining a non-obtrusive element in your room. Our roller blinds are not only easy to use, but highly intuitive to operate, and in that ease of use, they become the ultimate functional blind.

In terms of colour, our rollers come in a selection of calm and corporate whites, plains, and neutral shades, and in terms of fabrics, we have a selection of over one hundred different options, highlights of which include suede, wood laminates, and modern prints. In order to extend the lifetime of your rollers, they also come in fibreglass PVC-coated material, with different colours and prints. Given your choice of fabric, material and colour, you can also personalize your roller blinds with various optional shaped bottoms and braids. And given our commitment to exceeding our client’s expectations, we will provide our rollers made-to-measure for your home or office space.

Fabric Range:

SCR-3000 Coulisse Contract Specification-Sheet-Screen-3000-series

Quality of Components:

  • Aluminium tube with diameter ranges from 25mm to 45 mm and now also 80mm for very large motorised Blinds.
  • DDouble Beaded metal or plastic chain.
  • Heavy duty RS type clutch mechanisms.
  • Metal installation brackets.
  • RF Remote Controlled Electronic Type Motorised.
  • An optional spring assisted one-touch pull mechanism, which automatically rolls the blinds up with one gentle pull of the chain, extending the simplicity of use.
  • Optional Semi-Open and Full Cassette Systems.

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